Jean-Marc Israël is Head of the Analytical Credit and Master Data (AMA) Division and also (co-) chairing the Working Group on Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit) and the Register of Institutions and Affiliates Dataset (RIAD) Hub Network, both reporting to the ESCB Statistics Committee.

The AMA Division is in charge of (i) AnaCredit project and forthcoming credit and credit risk granular dataset collection, production and dissemination, (ii) the governance, data quality assurance and management and usage of the RIAD register, (iii) the ECB Single Data Dictionary, a key set of definitions for integrating data within the institution and across its datasets and systems, also supporting (iv) the Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) and (v) the European Reporting Framework (ERF). The latter two initiatives aim at minimising the banks’ reporting burden in streamlining reporting, clarifying and making concepts, definitions and relevant transformation rules business-friendly and ensuring high data quality and end-to-end automation in their regulatory reporting.