Martina Drvar has more than 20 years of experience in banking supervision.

Until 2014 she was responsible for the supervisory reporting and analysis in the Croatian National Bank and co-headed the implementation of the regulatory and technical solution for joint data base granular reporting established for statistical and prudential purposes. This solution is in full function from 2010, providing insights of the Croatian banks’ data on 10 day-frequency via more than 50 attributes and 80 value types.

In 2015 Martina started to work in the ECB as a Joint Supervisory Team Coordinator for US subsidiaries in the eurozone. Following need to prepare the central bank in Croatia for joining eurozone, which included joining SSM, from 2018 to 2021 Martina served as a vice governor responsible for banking supervision in the Croatian National Bank and during this period also was also appointed as a member of the EBA Management Board.

After successful establishment of the close cooperation between the SSM and Croatian banking supervision in October 2020, in October this year Martina returned to the ECB as an adviser for strategic risks in the SSM oversight function over less significant institutions.